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Over the past few decades, Ananda Group has been successful in applying the innovative vision of our founder in bringing on consistent quality in our products. This commitment to quality is built on a solid base of our esteemed customers, both domestic and overseas. Our greatest asset is the trust our customers bestow on us. While quality and customer satisfaction is the key to any successful business, it is not as simple as we talk about.

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Research & Development

The R&D wing at Ananda Group is highly experienced team comprising of leading scientists and research scholars hailing from aquaculture from all over the world. The wing is dedicated to making the best possible technology to make quality products that are commercially important. The unit is under Ananda Enterprises, developed various Probiotics for use in aquaculture using their Research and Development facility located at Bhimavaram City in Andhra Pradesh State. Probiotics are live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefits on the Host environment.

  • Bioremediation: Bioremediation is the mechanism to eliminate or neutralize the toxic material in the Environment.
  • Biodegradation: Biodegradation is the process to conversion of waste effluent compounds into simple inorganic compounds by using specific Microorganisms.

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Shri. Uddaraju Ananda Raju

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